We’re Hiring

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Drakortha Productions is now hiring for several key positions in our Machinima development team for DC Chronicles. See below for all our available positions. All positions are for Fallout 3 and require strong knowledge of the GECK & Bethesda games modding.

Experience in making Script Extender plugins is a plus! Let us know if this is you.


Key knowledge in custom animating for Fallout 3 essential. In this position you may find yourself working with other modders to animate human characters, Super-Mutants, and more with custom animations.

Level Designer

Build our levels where our DC Chronicles scenes will take place. Work closely with our script to perfectly recreate the scenery as described while under our Direction.

Scene Programmer

Program entire scenes from start to finish. Program NPC’s to follow their correct pathways, animate, and interact each with each other in full as described in the script, including lip syncing to voice actor audio files.

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In your application include any previous work and experience you have modding for Bethesda games. Experience is highly sought after for these positions, as the learning curve is quite high and we don’t have the resources or ability to train you. Jobs are on a contractual basis. If you would like to know anything about the position, do not hesitate to ask us!