Our Work

Drakortha Productions have been creating online video content for almost 20 years. 

Below are just a few projects we have highlighted.

Fallout 3
The DC Chronicles Season 2
The story continues for the critically acclaimed Fallout 3 Machinima Series ‘The DC Chronicles’. Watch as Andrew traverses the DC wastelands on a new mission. The focus for DC Chronicles was to evoke an emotional & dramatic response from the viewer, and to push Fallout 3’s ability for story telling and drama to the max.

The Ancient World – Age of Exploration

This Minecraft Server Advert was directed by Tony for the popular Minecraft Server ‘The Ancient World’. The focus for this trailer was showing off many of the new biomes which were added to the game in 1.9, and had made their first appearance on the server.

Second Life
The Wastelands

The Wastelands was part of a Machinima contest that required to be set in the ‘Wastelands’ set of Sims in Second Life. The video we made goes through several stages and stories, and all based in the Wastelands regions.

Hone – Film Trailer by Tony
After the world radiated into a global wasteland, a contracted mercenary ‘Hone’ who’s identity had been created by the brilliance of his honed fighting skill, raised himself to eliminate any malicious human being that scoured the ruined landscape. However, after reuniting with an old nightmare, his conscience seems to alter significantly; turning him rogue.

The Sims 4
The Creature

A classically made Sims drama/horror about a brave but doomed knight trapped in a castle with a foul and sinister creature!

Second Life
Pirates Bride – Directors Cut

Made for a Client. The imagery was that of the Pirates Bride saying goodbye to love.